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Cristiano Ronaldo Should Win The Ballon d’Or “Because Of What He’s Done In Juventus”

Cristiano Ronaldo should win the 2019 Ballon d’Or “because of what he’s done in Juventus.” Well, that’s according to Tim Cahill.

Luka Modric broke the Ronaldo-Messi Ballon d’Or monopoly by scooping the 2018 award following his heroics for Real Madrid and Croatia. 

He was the first winner not named Ronaldo or Messi to win the prestigious individual trophy since Kaka in 2007.

But the pair of footballing behemoths are expected to go head-to-head for the award this year. 

And the ex-Everton star believes Ronaldo is a shoo-in for the Ballon d’Or.

“The reason why I say Ronaldo, I know people won’t agree, is because of what he’s done in Juventus,” he said. 

“He left Real Madrid, went there and had such a massive impact on another league. I’ve never seen another player do it at Man United, Madrid for so many years.

“And I know he didn’t win the Champions League, but he has such an impact in any club. If you can take players and put them somewhere at his age.

“I know people won’t agree; I just appreciate his professionalism.” 

Of course, Ronaldo guided Juventus to league glory. He chipped in with 21 goals as his side secured their eighth consecutive Scudetto. 

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Kylian Mbappe, on the other hand, believes Messi should win the Ballon d’Or. 

“The favourite [for the Ballon d’Or] is Messi,” he said. “The elimination in Champions does not change anything, he is the number one in everything.

“He has shown this year that he is the best player and although the year goes until December, I’m not worried about him, he’s going to play until December.”/sportbible/

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